Online lessons not only work, but they work VERY WELL! Find out why below.


Online lessons are conveniently done from the comfort of your home. No traffic hastles, no running late, no dealing with  bad weather.

Not having to drive to in-person lessons means you also get to save on gas, and the way gasoline prices have gone up these days, who wouldn’t want to cut down on those expenses?

Online lessons not only save on gas but on time as well. Modern day families have to do a huge balancing act of providing their children all the extracurricular opportunities available, and that usually means a lot of driving all over the place. Online lessons remove the pressure of being on the road most of the day, and saves time you can spend with your family at home instead. 

Online lessons are optimal to take advantage of technology. For instance, lessons can be recorded on Zoom for perusal during the week and resources for warming up and practiving are available at the click of a mouse. 

With the right equipment, online lessons work just as well as in-person lessons. This means using a good computer, a good microphone, and knowing how to adjust Zoom settings. Click HERE for information on equipment.

VENUE:|| is our community app. On VENUE:|| you will find warm up exercises, all kinds of instructive videos curated just for us, and a communications tool that can go with you inside your phone, wherever you go. 

What is Venue:||? It is an app designed for my students, where they can apply their learned skills and talents in a warm, creative, and safe environment. This is a laboratory where performers can grow. Access it from the COMPUTER, or download the Mighty Networks app from your mobile app store, IOS or ANDROID. Search for Venue:||  Then create an account and carry us with you in your pocket.

We will let you be the judge. Check out our STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS page to see how well students are doing through online lessons. Students are doing very well in their local music festivals, achieving Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and doing just as well as those student taking in-person lessons.

If you would like to talk to a parent about their online lessons experience, please let us know and we will arrange for you to contact one of our parents.

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