Other Services

An overview of other music services offered by Dr. Denice Grant

Professional MP3 Tracks

Piano and orchestral accompaniments for teachers and performers of all levels. This turns out to be a cost efficient service because I’m a fast reader and can provide a quality product in a short time. Students who take lessons from Dr. Grant receive unlimited free tracks as needed for practice and performance. Pricing: $1.00 per minute for the amount of time it takes to record your order.

FIVERR REVIEW: Denice Grant delivered a work of art by itself, it is such a pleasure to hear just the accompaniment. She is quick, very professional, excellent results, very good communication, delivered extremely good quality, highly recommendable. By Kroner_remus, Spain

Professional Vocal Coaching

Professional vocal coaching for both amateur and professional singers. Dr. Grant is an excellent accompanist, and being a singer herself she understands vocal production, languages, diction, and the vocal repertoire.


  • Zoom sessions
  • If accompaniment is needed, it will be free if recorded during the coaching session. If a track is requested outside of the coaching session, it will be the same price as above for tracks ($1.00 per minute for the amount of time it takes to record your order)
  • Coaching sessions are the same price as lessons: $75 per hour, $56 per 45 minutes, and $37 per half an hour. 

RCM Songs YouTube Project

Our students have started recording RCM songs. The goal is to record all the songs of the RCM and make them available on YouTube. This project is open to gifted singers who can learn fast and provide a professional final result. Students will be chosen to participate in this project.

Promotional Videos

Dr. Grant is an experienced video editor. She provides free promotional YouTube videos for her students. Non-students can order videos and contact Dr. Grant for details and pricing. 

Social Media Exposure

Online Lessons and More… has a social media presence on YouTube, Instagram, WeChat, and TikTok coming soon. Follow Venue:|| on Instagram

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