Lessons and policies are based on the quarter system. When students enrol for lessons, they are committing to at least one quarter of lessons Fall, (beginning in September), Winter (beginning in January), and Spring, (beginning in March). 


  • Payments are due on the 1st day of each month
  • Payments can be made through e-transfers. 
  • Canadian students payments can be done through Interac to [email protected].

Make up lessons for missed lessons can be rescheduled at any time throughout the school year. Missed lessons must be notified within 24 hours in order for make up lessons to apply.

During the school year, full monthly tuition payments are made on the fist of each month. But because families usually travel during Spring Break, Christmas and  Summer, parents and students can make their own packages on those months. First, they must choose how many lessons they would like to take on those months. Then, a plan for the whole month must be made ahead of time, and payment made at the beginning on the 1st of the month as usual.

Cost of Individual Lessons:

1 hour lesson: $75.00

45 minute lesson: $56.00

Half hour lesson: $37.00  

(Example: You know that you will travel during Spring Break and will miss two weeks of lessons. Since March has five weeks, you will only take three lessons. If you take 1 hour lessons, then, for three lessons, you will pay $75×3, which is $225, and which is due on the 1st of March).

If a student gives no notice of missing a lesson, the teacher will wait on Zoom for 15 minutes, and if the student still doesn’t show up the teacher will leave and the student will lose that lesson without the possibility of making it up.

Please not that by taking lessons in this music studio you agree to follow these policies. Policies will be enforced and no exceptions made. Thank you for your understanding! 


VERY IMPORTANT: Missed lessons cannot under any circumstances be used as credit towards a future month’s tuition. Please understand that the only way a private independent teacher business can survive is to require regular monthly tuition payments, which are due at the beginning of the month. Parents and students are responsible for setting up make up lessons for any lessons missed. 

Bonus: Refer a Student and Receive a Free Lesson

Parents who refer other students to my teaching studio will receive one free lesson when that student enrols for lessons. Thank you for your support!