Students will be allowed 1 missed lesson per quarter, with the possibility of rescheduling a make up lesson for 1 missed lesson. After 1 lesson, regardless of advance notice, students will forfeit their payment for any lessons missed. All missed lessons must be notified within 24 hours or a make up lesson will not be rescheduled.

PLEASE NOTE: If a student gives no notice of missing a lesson, I will wait in the Zoom room for 15 minutes, and if the student still doesn’t show up, I will leave, and the student will lose that lesson without the possibility of making it up.

Lessons missed due to valid illness and accompanied by parent/doctor note are separate and do not count toward the 1 missed lesson per quarter quota. 


If a student gets sick he/she must notify me ASAP, and must provide a note from their parents/doctor. If possible, a 24 hour notice must be provided. 

NOTE: Sickness does not include reckless behaviour, such as losing the voice after screaming at sport events, for instance.


Excusable emergencies are only related to health. All other situations must follow the rules of the studio.


If I know ahead of time that I have to miss a lesson I will notify the parents and make arrangements ahead of time for a make up lesson. If I neglect to show for a lesson I will offer a make up a lesson as well as a free lesson in compensation. 

PLEASE NOTE: by taking lessons in this music studio you agree to follow these policies. Policies will be enforced and no exceptions made. Thank you for your understanding! 

Bonus: Refer a Student and Receive a Free Lesson

Parents who refer other students to my teaching studio will receive one free lesson when that student enrols for lessons. Thank you for your support!